Onion salad: a souvenir d'Italie

When I started this blog last year, I didn't immediatly realize how hard could have been for me  write in English; in a understendable English, I mean.
So, I gave up.
What am I doing here one year later?
Well, I really want my "spot". A place only mine where hopefully  I can express myself.
Chances are that in one year  I improved my English a bit, and maybe write a post it won't take me forever.

So, The post is about souvenirs from Italy.
This onion salad is one!

First of all let me say that I really enjoyed the three weeks that I spent over there. I haven't had the chance to go back to Italy for years. So last summer I was really excited to go back.
I found everything the same and everything different. Same lifestyle, same caos, same warm people, same humidity and hot weather, same great food in the well known restaurants.
Different buildings, different one-way streets, different items in the supermarket's shelfs that make your life easier when it's supper time.  Lots of junk food! WHAT is this? In Italy? Wow! If you had told me so, I would had never believe that!
Big disappointment.
So, I started to question my friends about it.  What came out was that there are basically 2 different needs:
- working wife, picks kids up, cames back home (mostly) late at night. Too many things to do yet, she cannot afford to spend too much time in the kitchen, so frozen/canned/boxed dinner will be the choice.
- working wife, maybe has a little more help with the kids and house, choose fresh produce and cooks every night a tasty, healthy meal for the family.
How interesting realize that the new generations don't know much about cooking (some of my American friends think that Italians have the cooking skill in their DNA, is not so eventually), which is ok. I mean I started to go closer to the stove around my 20s, but my mom was cooking everyday two fresh meals every day. They weren't exactly what you wanted to eat, but that was a good imprinting already. The point is that those kids are learning to eat out of a box!
C'mon guys! Italians cook simple, fresh and QUALITY food. That's why our cuisine is great.
Please, let's keep it in this way.

Salvatore's onion salad.

Salvatore is not a chef, but he does cook the bestest dishes ever.
In Tuscany he has his own garden were he grows fruits and vegetables, and when produce are from your own garden, they taste great already!
Anyway, when I visited him, one of the amazing things he prepared that day, was this tasty and incredibly easy onion salad.
Sunday I found some organic onions at the FarmersMarket and I decided that I had to try reply this masterpiece.

fresh red onions
white vine vineager

Clean the onions with a dump towel, but without peeling them.
Put them in a pan sheet and bake them at 350' until tender (depends on the dimension and the quantity).
Let them cool down and then clean them.
Cut the onions in big chuncks, add salt and pepper to taste and white vine vineager.
Please, try it and  you'll know! ;)

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