Gazpacho soup usually referred to as gazpacho, is a cold Spanish soup originating in the Southern region of Andalusia. It descends from an ancient Andalusian concoction based on a combination of Bread, Olive oil, Vinegar, salt, tomatoes and bell pepper.
It is well known all over the world today.

Coconut scented squid

For 6 people
- 2 pounds of clean and boiled (till tender) squid
- 1 yellow diced bell pepper
- 2 tomatoes (diced without the seeds or liquid )
- 1 coconut
- Juice of 1 lime
- 7 to 8 basil leaves
- 6 tbs of e.v.o.o.
- Salt and pepper

Slice the squid and put it in a big bowl.
Add the bell pepper and the tomatoes.
Now open the coconut. Save the coconut milk.
Make an emulsion with a 1/4 of cup of the coconut milk, the e.v.o.o., the lime juice, and the basil .
Toss the salad with this emulsion. Taste to adjust salt and pepper.
Slice some coconut on top of the salad and serve.